direkt från Gaza på Facebook

Stranden i Gaza Juli 2011 Foto: Anna Wester

Oro och skräck spred sig bland den instängda befolkningen i Gaza i natt när F16 plan cirkulerade och bombade på olika platser över hela Gazaremsan. Efter attacken mot en buss i södra Israel igår, inledde israeliska armén omedelbart en våg av bombräder mot civilbefolkningen i Gaza.

Palestinska vänner har rapporterat på sina Facebookstatusar hela natten och morgonen och jag vill gärna dela med mig av deras meddelanden till omvärlden

An Atmosphere of panic spread in Gaza as Israeli uses sonic bombs.

Gaza.. Right now different locations are being targeted by israeli F16s in southern Gaza

New Attack On Gaza City, Targeted A Home For ”Abu-Samra” Family .. One Martyr ” A Child ” And 5 Injuries Reported ..
Another Attack On Khanyounis City ” Al-Qararah ”
3 More Airstrikes In Gaza , Attacked ” Arafat Police Station

Breaking News: 12 Palestinian civilian wounded, 1 killed as Israel attacks civilians in Gaza Strip.

Breaking News: Panic and Fear spread across Gaza. Kids are traumatized and scared.

Israel raided on Shati Refugee Camp, home of more than 80.000 Palestinian Refugees.

Gaza: a besieged population of 1.6 million people living 360 square kilometer of land and bombed by Israeli F16 and. Collective Punishment

Over 19 airstrikes hit the Gaza Strip since midnight; one 13 year old child killed, 34 others wounded an air strike just hit the area i am living in. ya Allah save my people

URGENT: a continuous series of raids on Beit Lahiya and Beit Hanun and Khan Younis

BREAKING: israeli warships firing towards unknown targets close to central and western parts of the beach Gaza Hospital Announces The State of Extreme Emergency In Gaza City

The Final Outcome For the Past Hour Is:
1- Five Raids On Center Gaza City .. And Two On Khan younis City.
2- One Murdered 13-y Old ”12 Injuries, In the Attack Of Abu-Samra Home.
3- Two Martyrs In The Attack Of Anssar Building.
4- Abu-Samra Home Was Totally Destroyed.
5- Anssar Building, Arafat Police Academy and Al-Muntada Building Were badly Damaged.

Breaking News: Israeli Media outlets spread fear and propaganda in Gaza stating that large scale attacks will take place in the area.

Continued Israeli air raids on several area cross the Gaza Strip, Beit Lahiya, Beit Hanun, Khan Younis and Rafah

as if we are in a sheep farm, and waiting our destiny

My head is about to explode! spent one night just like those of the last massacre. The sick F16 is still watching the place.

#BREAKING: Israeli forces are moving now towards east of #Khanyounis, clashes reported in Khza’a. #gaza #protectgaza #israel another bombardment just heard in Gaza

The Israeli air forces just targeted east of Gaza city, ALzaynon district with one rocket.

Gaza hospitals are suffering from a severe shortage of medical supplies, Ministry of Health alerting.

Israeli canon shell set fire in soft drinks factory, in Al Zaytoun, east of Gaza City… bombings continue on Gaza Strip

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