En konvoj med hundratals lastbilar skall försöka ta sig in i Gaza

The European Campaign to End the Siege of Gaza planerar nya aktiviteter. Här från en av de båtar som lyckats häva blockaden. Foto: savegaza.eu

A convoy of hundreds of medical and food trucks heading to Gaza soon

European Campaign to End the Siege of Gaza (ECESG)
Hope for Gaza Convoy

It’s now three years since Israel imposed this tight and deadly siege on Gaza. The brutal siege is devastating every aspect of life in Gaza. Thousands of families continue to suffer, while many others are dying due to the lack of basic treatment and medical equipment. The basic infrastructure supplying water, power and sanitation is in devastation making life unbearable for the 1.5 million inhabitants, which further compounds the misery of the people. The war totally destroyed what was left from the siege. Thousands were killed and injured and thousands turned disabled.

It’s the time we move; European Campaign to End the Siege of Gaza, (ECESG) is sending a big convoy of more than 100 trucks. We are going to deliver wheelchairs, medical tools and toys for the people of Gaza. We are going to provide medicines that currently ran out in Gaza. The convoy is to move early in May from many European countries like Britain, France, Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Italy, Austria and Norway.

Yes You Can! Let actions speak louder than words

Let us save more lives; let us cure the pain of wounded Gazans
IF you have a van, a bus or any vehicle and you want to go to Gaza; there is no better time but this! Cease the opportunity and Join us.

The convoy is expected top leave Milan directly after the end of the 7th conference of Palestinians living in Europe. A considerable number of activists, officials from Europe and MPs would take part.

Participants wishing to join will drive their vans from their countries to Milan. Vans and trucks to leave Milan on the 3rd of May and sail from Genoa towards Alexandria in Egypt.

Drivers will leave for Alexandria directly to drive their vans towards Gaza within 3 days of ships departure.

The convoy would leave for Rafah crossing from Alexandria

In coordination phase, vans must be checked to make sure they are correctly prepared for movement from Egypt.

If you can help Gazans…
If you want to grant a smile for traumatized children…
Then, don’t hesitate to contact our Coordination Team:

Contact Info:

Rami Abdu
European Campaign to End the Siege of Gaza
Manchester, United Kingdom
Convoy Coordinator
Email: ramy@savegaza.eu
Mob: 00447728021097

Sameh A. Habeeb
European Campaign to End the Siege of Gaza
Convoy Spokesman (Arabic and English Language)
London, United Kingdom
Email: sameh@prc.org.uk
Mob: 0044- (0) 7949725139

Amin Abu Rashed
Relief and Humanitarian Affairs Coordinator
European Campaign to End the Siege of Gaza
E-mail: amin@ppmsholland.nl
Mob: 0031624628015


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2 reaktioner på ”En konvoj med hundratals lastbilar skall försöka ta sig in i Gaza

  1. Marcus

    Palestinierna är de enda som kan skapa öppna gränser. Det gör de genom att erkänna Israels rätt att existera som judisk stat, avsvära sig terrorism (inkl. de pågående raketattacker mot israeler) och acceptera ingångna avtal.

    Underlåtenheten att göra det framstår som ett eget val. Det ger ju Hamas möjligheten att stanna kvar vid makten (med en extern ”fiende”) och miljarder i internationelt bistånd för att kompensera för konsekvenserna av Hamas krig mot Israel.

    Jag är övertygad om att Hamas-regimen inte vill förändra läget. Och palestinierna och israelerna får fortsätta att lida pga terrororganisationens val.

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