Roskildefestivalen donerar pengar till Gaza

Läser på Maan News att delar av vinsten från årets Roskildefestival kommer att gå till ett projekt i Gaza.

Charity organises of the annual Roskilde Music Festival in Denmark will donate proceeds of the event to the establishment of a hip hop dance group in the Gaza Strip.

The Roskilde Festival is the largest North European culture and music festival, and has been running for 38 years. Each year it donates concert proceeds to humanitarian causes. In 2008 the event donated 1 million krooner (134,000 US dollars) to Bangladash climate change programs.

The Festival, set for 2-5 July, will play host to such famous artists as Lilly Allen, Cold Play, the Nine Inch Nails, Oasis, Slopknot, and Kayne West and will see upwards of 90,000 attend the three-day concert including 25,000 volutneers.

With the funds raised the Festival charity will help fund a recording studio, radio, library, practice room, mobile stage and a number of training courses in which Danish rappers will participate.

According to the charity, “The culmination of these training courses will be a hip hop talent show which will follow the ’X-Factor model’ and be transmitted live and the winner will be selected by text voting. There will be two finals – one in Gaza and one in the West Bank – as people are not allowed to leave Gaza at the moment. A hip hop final in Gaza will be of great symbolic and political value.”

The rational for the charity behind establishing a hip hop program in Gaza is that the “Music and the poetry that hip hop expresses work as a vent through which young people can give way to their frustrations, hopes and dreams in their everyday lives of constant repression and human rights violations.”

The donation, according to the Copenhagen Times, will be made to the Danish Center for Culture and Development (CKU), an organization affiliated with the Foreign Ministry.

A CKU representative noted that while construction of the new facility was slated to begin in the fall of 2009, it would not be an easy project given the current political climate.

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