mer om Tristan Anderson

I Facebookgruppen Solidarity with Tristan Anderson publicerades i går ett brev från Tristans föräldrar och syster, jag klistrar in det här för jag vet att många undrar hur han mår och alla har inte Facebook.

Protester och solidaritetsmanifestationer planeras nu på flera ställen i USA. I svenska medier verkar det inte blivit en nyhet att Israel skjutit en amerikansk medborgare i huvudet vid en fredlig demonstration. Kanske var det för mycket annat på gång, Lets Dance, Melodifestival.. hoppas att det är jag som missat, att det i alla fall blivit någon notis i mainstreammedia.

.. men Arbetaren skriver och ISM Sverige, Gaza Peace and Freedom och och flera andra bloggar och alternativa tidningar har också skrivit..

RECENT LETTER FROM TRISTAN’S PARENTS (names have been removed to protect their privacy)

Hello Friends and Family,

THANK YOU to all of you who have emailed, called and are holding Tristan and our family in the light. It matters tremendously as we all hold faith for Tristan to recover and return home.

Here is the update for today. Andrew from the US Embassy in Israel called. He had just seen Tristan in person along with Gaby (Tristan’s girlfriend)…

Tristan is stable. He is still unconscious and they are keeping him that way for several more days as it helps with the healing. They are closely monitoring the fluid levels in his brain. Tristan is under 24 hour monitoring and is receiving the best possible care. Trauma care in Israel is done following the same protocols as the U.S. Tristan has been transferred from Emergency Care to the Neurological ICU. This is great news as it means he was stable enough for them to move him. This IC specializes in neurology so Tristan will be getting focused, specific care.

I will continue to send updates as we hear more. Please continue to keep Tristan in your thoughts, prayers, and light.

(His parents) are en route to Israel. His mother has been and will continue to be checking her email. She’s finding the supportive emails very comforting.

Again, we are deeply grateful for the outpouring of love and support for Tristan and our family.

Most appreciated,
Tristan’s parents and sister

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