Bildt i Gaza

Bildt besöker Gaza

Under sitt besök i Gaza träffade Carl Bildt Dr Eyad Sarraj (ni som var på den största och den senaste demonstrationen för Gaza i Stockholm hörde honom tala via länk från Gaza) från Palestinagruppernas samarbetspartner GCMHP, Gaza Community Mental Health Programme. Här är deras rapport från mötet..

Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt Visits Gaza Community Mental Health Programme

Today, Mr. Carl Bildt, Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs, visited GCMHP on a head of senior delegation. The delegation included the General Swedish Consul in Jerusalem, the Head of Swedish Cooperation Office and a number of officials in the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Swedish Consulate in Jerusalem.

The Delegation met with Dr. Eyad El-Sarraj, President of GCMHP, Dr. Ahmad Abu Tawahina, Director General and other administrative personnel. The meeting was commenced by Dr. El-Sarraj who welcomed the Minister and the delegation, expressing that this visit is of a high significance especially after the Israeli war on Gaza. Dr. El-Sarraj also welcomed the European role at this time and described it very important in the present time. Dr. El-Sarraj explained the short and long-term psychosocial ramifications of the Israeli war on Gaza as well as its political implications. He also assimilated the war and the internal division to 1948 catastrophe. In addition, Dr. El-Sarraj stressed on the importance of the Palestinian national reconciliation as an entrance to stabilize the situation in the Palestine. He also emphasized the importance of international community role in this regard, commending the historical Swedish role in supporting Palestine in the political and technical levels.

In the context of explaining the mental health consequences, Dr. El-Sarraj pointed out the state of fear and panic among the Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip towards the Israeli aggression against them resulting from the traumatic events that the Palestinian people have experienced throughout the time of war especially the children. Dr. El-Sarraj stressed that all the Palestinians in Gaza Strip have been exposed to direct or indirect forms of violence. The most who were affected were the children who lost their family members and homes. The children were witnessing fear in the eyes of their mothers as well as their powerless fathers who were unable to provide protection and support. Dr. El-Sarraj estimated 40-50% of the children will develop at least one form of PTSD, unless immediately receive professional mental health support.

Dr. El-Sarraj mentioned the increasing feeling of resentment and anti-Israeli sentiments among Gaza population. If there will be no political and economical change in the environment, these feelings would lead to more radical attitudes and violent behavior for a new generation of the Palestinian in the future. Dr. El-Sarraj wondered that Israeli, as victims of a long history of persecution at the hands of the Nazi, should have been more sensitive to persecute others. Dr. El-Sarraj stressed that justice as the way to achieve peace through giving the Palestinians human rights and opportunities as equal human beings.

On the internal Palestinian politics, Dr. El-Sarraj expressed concerns over the delegitimizing of Fateh and Hamas as a result of the division. Dr. El-Sarraj highlighted the importance of engaging all Palestinian parties within the political process including Hamas. The international community especially EU should play positive role through supporting a Palestinian national unity government and cooperate with them for the reconstruction of Gaza. Dr. El-Sarraj expressed his belief that changing the political and economical environment in Palestine is the only way to create positive attitudes toward peace in the region. Respect of human rights by all parties is the basis for such a process.

The Swedish Minister stressed the view that political election in Palestine can be the outlet for any political process and for the reconstruction of Gaza. Mr. Bildt stressed the necessity to keep boarders of Gaza opened and accessibility of raw material and reconstruction needs into Gaza. He also emphasized the importance of Arab countries efforts and role in the reconciliation of the Palestinians. At the end, Mr. Bildt thanked Dr. El-Sarraj and Gaza Community Mental Health Programme, praising their role in providing the needed mental health service in Gaza and promoting civil society in Palestine.

Gaza Community Mental Health Programme

Carl Bildt En dag i Gaza

Jinge: Bildt utryckte sig försiktigt

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