Dag 23, Israels krig mot Gaza

Foto: Sameh A Habeeb

Day 23 of Israeli War On Gaza

Death toll 1310, wounded 5600

By: Sameh A. Habeeb:
A Photojournalist, Humanitarian & Peace Activist in Gaza Strip.

Thousands of people appeared on the Gaza streets. Everybody is trying to explore what has happened to his relatives, houses and areas. I have documented a massive devastation throughout east, north and west of Gaza Strip. The devastating storms everything needed for normal life. Houses, schools, hospitals, clinics, police stations, charities, universities and streets totally and partially destroyed.

More than 100 dead corps were found today by paramedics mostly civilians and a family of 8 members. Samouni family which was massacred before found 17 more dead bodies under the rubbles. Many families still seek rest of members and relatives who were lost during the war time.

Daily Feed About Gaza War:
1-Ceasfire started 2 Am Palestine time but the fire didn’t stop.
2-Exchange of fire in the eastern part of Gaza City.
2-A phosphorous bomb hit the eastern part of Gaza City.
3-Israeli F16s launched 3 air strikes in the north and east part of Gaza City.
4-Israeli F16s broke into the Gaza Strip space causing a case of fear and panic for civilians.
5-Samouni family found another 17 members dead under the rubbles of their house. Some of them were killed by shells and some others executed by live bullets.
6-Palestinian paramedics and medical staff found around 100 corps of dead people in various locations in Gaza.
7-Palestinian factions fired 6 rockets into Israeli territories.
8-Phosperous bombs still burning in many areas.

Både Motbilder och Esbati har lagt upp och kommenterat Israels utrikesminister Livnis möte med pressen i USA, kolla in det!

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