Gaza update

Sent i går kväll fick jag denna uppdatering om läget av Sameh Habeeb som är journalist i Gaza, eller journalist och fredsaktivist som han själv presenterar sig.

– Victims toll of Israeli military operation reached 350 while wounded up to 1500 persona.
-Medical sources: Victims of the third day are 40 between civilians and militants.
-Five Female children from Ba’losha family killed in Bait Lahia City north of Gaza.
-Three Children from Al Absi family killed in Rafah refugee Camp as their house collapsed due to the heavy rockets launched by Israeli F16s.
-Scale of bombings up to 60 raids for the 3rd day.
-Israel allows few vans of food supplies into Gaza and Egypt as well.
-Israel announce the borders with Egypt as ”Closed Military Operation”
-Israeli army moves from targeting governmental offices into civic ones. It has targeted some of Hamas leaders’ houses. A senior leader affiliated to Islamic Jehad Movement killed in east of Khanyonis City.
-Israli navy bombed Gaza seaport, destroyed many fishing boats.
-Israeli navy shelled houses in Rafah City while F16s raided on Rafah City Council.
-More threats by phones to Palestinian civilians in Gaza specifically Khan Yonis.
-Israel destroyed Al Sideeq Mosque in Jabalia Camp.
-Israei Helicopters opened heavy gunfire on Al zaytoun area.
-Yoval Diskin, Israeli army leader says, ”the worse is coming”
-Severe shortages and medical supplies in Gaza hospitals and Al Shifa’ hospital transformed Burnt and birth units into urgent surgeries. It has also announced inability of receiving more cases.
-Palestinian factions launched many rockets into Israel killing Arab citizen working in Ashkilon City.


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